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Boys Camp - Zack 9781629148052 Boys Camp 2 - Nates Story 9781629148069 - NEW Boys Camp - Zee (1)

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Our books

Boys Camp - Zack 9781629148052 Boys Camp 2 - Nates Story 9781629148069 - NEW Boys Camp - Zee (1)

We launched our series of books with Zack’s Story.

Being at Wolf Camp Trail is a dream come true for city boy Zack. Finally, he’ll have the summer full of challenge, friendship, and fun of which he’s always dreamed. But nature has surprises in store for Zack. Animals, weather, and even the earth itself don’t behave the way he expects them to. After Zack makes a mistake that nearly costs him the friendship and trust of his cabin mates he loses confidence in himself. When a scary catastrophe happens, and Zack is faced with life-threatening danger, will he have the courage and problem-solving smarts to lead his friends to safety?

Our second book is Nate’s Story, 

Nate’s back at Camp Wolf Trail and is excited about doing all the stuff he loved last year, like hiking, kayaking, swimming, exploring, and hanging out with his buddies. But this summer, Nate has a secret, he doesn’t want his cabinmates to know about his newly found interest in birds. Should Nate tell Vik, who’s a friend but also a jokster? If the guys find out, will they call him bird nerd, like the kids at school do?

Tension grows when, before an overnight horseback trek, Nate discovers that he has another secret-one that jeopardizes the safety of his friends, the horses, and himself when danger and disaster strike. Does Nate have the guts to face his fears? Suspense and adventure-and plenty of laughter and fun too-abound in the exciting Boys Camp series story.

Our third book is Zee’s Story

Who are the two funniest guys at Camp Wolf Trail? Will ‘n’ Zee – no question! Will and Zee are partners in pranks, a dynamic duo, a famously hilarious pair. The best buds are back at camp, with great ideas for practical jokes to spring on their fellow campers and counselors.

At first, all the mischief they cause is a big success. Who’d have guessed that a stuffed octopus, toilet paper, and pies could be combined so comically? And their next mission is to find Hidden Falls, the camp’s best-kept secret. But when Zee tries to include other guys in the fun, Will gets mad, and their friendship blows up. Zee must face his most dangerous crisis on his own, while on a kayaking trip, and it looks like all is lost. Will Zee be able to save Cookie the dog’s life and rescue his friendship with Will? Must Hidden Falls remain hidden?

Each book finishes with an essay by a man or boy who can round out the story with some true tales of his own.

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