Every boy has a great story.

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What is Boys Camp?

Boys Camp is more than books. It starts with a fictional camp–Camp Wolf Trail. That’s a place to celebrate boys in all their glory: muddy knees, silly pranks, and superheroes, yes, but also good friends, complex inner lives, joys and fears, triumphs and defeats, and hearts capable of great empathy. Our books and our project is for anyone trying to move beyond flat stereotypes so that we can support boys as a rich, diverse group of people.

While our series of books are set in a summer camp, their deeper ideas hold true anywhere. These books help fill a gap in our popular culture by creating realistic, positive boy characters young readers can identify with. We hope our stories will fuel a spirit of adventure, a love of reading, an interest in the outdoors, and personal growth.

But it doesn’t stop there. While we don’t offer a real summer camp, we do offer this website and our larger Boys Camp Network to parents, teachers, children and others who are looking for a trusted source of dialogue about children and society, clarity within a world of too much information, valuable ideas and media recommendations, and creative inspiration.