Every boy has a great story.

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What is Boys Camp?

Boys Camp is the name for a series of children’s books that take place at a fictional camp–Camp Wolf Trail. We believe in the power of children’s books to foster curiosity and imagination and that this power is maximized by offering children characters they can identify with. Years ago, we were disappointed when we couldn’t find realistic fiction for our young sons that was as good as what we had found for our daughters (like American Girl’s Josefina and Kit). And then, by chance, we met Valerie Tripp, the original American Girl author!

Valerie joined our team, and we set to work developing Camp Wolf Trail as our setting because we believe outside is a good thing. Running around. Nature. Creative play. Games. And we know most children are interested in nature, as well as animals. The camp setting is instantly appealing to young readers. (Valerie’s book Molly Saves the Day, set at camp, continues to be a tremendous source of fan letters for Valerie).

While our series of books are set in a summer camp, their deeper ideas hold true anywhere. We hope our stories are both fun and positive and will also fuel a spirit of adventure, an interest in the outdoors, and a love of reading.

Boys Camp books will grab readers from the first word and keep them absorbed and engaged as the characters meet challenges. They celebrate boys in all their glory: muddy knees, silly pranks, and superheroes, but also good friends, with joys and fears, and good hearts. Each book features a different boy, whom the reader can root for as he overcomes challenges presented by the wilderness, animals, and more. The books will prove it’s true: Every boy has a great story to tell.

We hope parents will be thrilled, and boys (and girls) will be asking for the next story.